"The Politics of Environmental Conservation: A Study in Civil Society,
Scales of Influence, and Corruption in Panama's FIDECO Trust Fund"

Elizabeth Dougherty, PhD


Dissertation Dedication

Dissertation Abstract



Dissertation Chapter Introductions

The Political Economy of Panama’s Environmental Agenda: Service Enclaves and the Development and Operation of the FIDECO Fund

Addressing the Question of Civil Society in Panama

TechnoServe and Proniños de Darién: Scales of Influence, Experts, and Local Knowledge

The Rules of the Game: Linking Corruption and Civil Society in Panama



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From the horses mouth: (links to the organizations related to Panama's FIDECO Fund):

The Nature Conservancy/Panama
Government of Panama (MIPPE)
Government of Panama (ANAM)
Fundacion NATURA
Fundacion ProNinos de Darien