Elizabeth Dougherty, Ph.D.

Oakland, CA 94608






Program Manager/Consultant; to strategize with team members to design and implement innovative solutions for sustainable management of energy resources; to provide strategic support and encourage networking among stakeholders; to educate policy makers and wider audiences on key issues of energy efficiency, climate change mitigation and demand response; to incorporate local communities and for-profit institutions into solution design.



Š     Climate Change Mitigation/Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency/Demand Response

Š     Integrated Resource Planning

Š     Innovative and strategic project management

Š     Networking and coalition-building among similar and dissimilar constituents

Š     Self-motivation and out-of-the-box thinking

Š     Multidisciplinary teamwork

Š     Public speaking and media relations

Š     Research (field and document-based) and producing reports accessible to diverse audiences

Š     Working in international and multicultural settings

Š     Sustainable Agriculture/Agroecology


Flex Your Power, Project Manager.  San Francisco, CA 2006

Outreach, research and writing on energy efficiency, demand response and climate change in the industrial, manufacturing, high tech and biotech, city government and low-income sectors, with emphasis on design, assessments, incentives and benchmarking efficiency projects with partners; linking and building alliances between research organizations, associations, private businesses, state residents, and government entities.



Planet Plant It!  Owner. Agroecology and Permaculture Education, Design & Installation. Oakland, CA 2000-2006

          Teaching sustainable and organic food production and permaculture; providing consultation, design and installation of organic food and ornamental gardens, increasing urban biodiversity and community awareness of local ecology.



Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, Fair Trade Fair Coordinator. Cancun, Mexico, 2003

Strategic planning of First International Fair Trade Fair; hosting/educating WTO Trade Ministers and delegations; providing multimedia interviews; creating liaisons and facilitating networking opportunities of 120 international Fair participants from over 18 countries; recruiting and managing large pool of volunteers; coordinating Fair logistics and advertising; writing informational and position copy for program materials; Spanish primary language.





International Development Exchange, Researcher.  San Francisco, CA, 2002

          Tracking information concerning trade and infrastructure development of Plan Puebla Panama, including the scope and impact of the both government-directed and grassroots development.



Institute for International Studies, Policy Researcher/Writer. Ford Foundation, 2001

          Researching and writing extensive report entitled "The Global Commons: Land, Culture, Rights" designed for use by policy writers and analysts.  Presenting theories and practices of mapping, forced relocation, migration, biotechnology, intellectual property rights, land titling, urbanization.



Growth of Environmental Strategies & Projects Consultant Group, Consultant.  Panama, 1999

          Team-working with multidisciplinary researchers to conduct in-depth field interviews and background research on the Darien Region of Panama; writing of grant proposal presented to USAID, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank as a subcontract in $100,000,000 infrastructure development project. Project based on creating viable institutions to productively manage relations among project personnel, local governmental offices and resident populations. GEA was awarded the contract.



Tree Top Explorations, Consultant. Costa Rica, 1996-1998

          Designing environmental education curriculum and promotional materials for rain forest canopy-access programs; site-appropriate community outreach; fundraising; providing research scientists and tourists increased exposure to tropical forest biodiversity through canopy platform program.



Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and University of Pennsylvania, Co-instructor in Tropical Field Biology. Panama, 1995

          Co-instructor for intensive course in tropical field ecology.



University of Pennsylvania, Research Assistant.  Philadelphia, PA, 1994-1996

          Managed book-publishing preparation including text based research, copy write details; book publisher’s requests.


Professional Film Industry, Camera Person Los Angeles, New York 1987-1994

Camera person for feature films, commercials, television series, music videos, and documentaries filmed in 35mm/16mm. Member of IATSE Camera Union.




2001    “Land, Culture, Rights: An Annotated Bibliography” Published by the Ford Foundation, through the Institute for International Studies at University of California at Berkeley.  Used by policy writers. http://globetrotter.berkeley.edu/EnvirPol/Bib/B04-Dougherty.pdf


2002    “Human Relations at the Heart of Environmental Conservation” Association of Latin American Anthropologists Newsletter.



Ph.D.   UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

           Center for Ethnographic Research, 2003

Dissertation: “The Politics of Conservation: A Study of Civil Society, Corruption, and Scales of Influence in Panama’s FIDECO Environmental Trust Fund”

Research focused on a $27 million environmental trust fund established by USAID, The Nature Conservancy and Government of Panama.  This dissertation demonstrates that international economic and political interests in the Panama Canal watershed direct the methods for implementing agroforestry and permaculture programs in Panama’s forested areas, overshadowing the social and environmental needs.  The governmental and nongovernmental alliance has yet to set a comprehensive environmental agenda that would encourage the cohesion of a nationally-based civil society in Panama. Concurrently, there are several Panamanian NGOs establishing standards for environmental sustainability through grass roots level action, which in turn serves to cohere particular civil activity into a more general civil society.



Short Course in Agroecology, University of California at Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz, California, August 1998

          Training in agricultural practices as related to urban and rural ecosystems.  Includes GIS, soil nutrient testing, crop rotation and inter-cropping, animal husbandry.




Cameroon, West Africa, 1996

          Conducted field research concerning the material effects of forest conservation projects and in Lac Lobeke and Dja National Parks on populations of Baka pygmies.

Cuba, 1999

          Agroecological Farming Tour, self-organized.



Bachelor of Arts        English Literature

          Bachelor of Science   Film and Broadcasting



“The Politics of Conservation.” International Agroecology Short Course.  University of California at Santa Cruz, July 2003.


“The Role of Civil Society in the Anti-Corruption Campaign in Panama.”  Latin American Studies Association Conference, Washington, D.C., September 2001.


"The Thorny Question: Theorizing a Politics of Corruption." American Anthropological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA, November, 2000 (Panel Organizer).


"Fact and Gossip: Designing Methodologies for Natural and Social Scientists Working Together in the Field" Agrarian Studies Group at the University of California at Berkeley, April 2000, (co-presenter: Miriam Wells).


"Deconstructing Civil Society: A Study of the FIDECOMISO Ecological Trust Fund in Panama." Latin American Studies Association Conference, Miami, FL, March 2000.



Short Term Fellows Grant, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute for 1997 - 1999

Pennfield Dissertation Research Grant, University of Pennsylvania for 1997-1998



Fluent in English, Advanced Spanish, Conversational French