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Artist Statement    
Elizabeth Dougherty is an Oakland, CA-based multi-media artist engaged in creating functional metal art out of recycled materials. As mass-production has overrun the creation of everyday items, Dougherty's work provides the opportunity to enliven a space with the energy of original design. Her unusual candlesticks, lamps, birdbaths, fountains, and music stands are created by combining found metal pieces, steel and copper together with light and water.

You may experience her work first hand at the following locations:

Green City Gallery
Berkeley, CA
(recycled art: candlesticks, mixed media, photogrpahs,
decorative wall lighting)

Green City Gallery Opening
This Sunday, July 22nd at 12 noon, the Green City Gallery invites you to join our grand opening celebration!
1950 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley *
Two Blocks North of the Berkeley BART
Event Program
Come by the Gallery at 12 noon to contribute to the community mural,
enjoy music, snacks and mingling.

At 2pm Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, the gallery producers,
the coordinator of Berkeley's carbon capping Measure G
and others will speak about the goals and approaches for
transforming the city to alower carbon, permeable,
and healthy system.

Julie's Coffee and Tea Garden
Alameda, CA
(LED-lit water fountain)

Green Fusion Deign Center
San Anselmo, Marin, CA
candlesticks, lamp, music stand, birdbath, fountain

Baltimore, MD